OP 11/5/99

Let’s see, I’m cutting out the scripture because I was allowing the lack thereof to stop me from writing.  October has come and gone, November is underway.  God has been good to me of late.  Aside from my little “business arrangement”, Kim is no longer my official line manager.  You have NO idea how happy that makes me.  I just couldn’t get along with her, we didn’t mesh well.  Veahsa and I are growing closer.  I’m so strung out on that girl that it frightens me.  Come the 23rd, she and I have to talk.  I’m tired of not telling her how I feel.  I’m also nervous because two things have happened.  First, she’s blown up.  She’s gone from bing this little girl that happened to show up on Friday to “Miss Popular” in almost no time.  Therefore more guys are noticing her.  Also, mad heads are already assuming that there’s something up between she and I.  Even if there is, it’s no overt, so it’s nothing to discuss.  However, some people are starting to regard us as though we were a couple; and that could have some potential conflicts. Well I’m going to pray on it and give God the glory for creating such an exuisite woman.  Praise your name Pop.


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