OP 11/29/99

This entire kiss thing has done so much in such a short span of time that my head is spinning.  I want to talk to SOMEONE about it.  I’ve wanted to kiss her for weeks.  Now that I have, I have to act as though nothing happened.  I kissed a woman that I am extremely attracted to.  And I’ve been made to think that I’m wrong for it. Scary thing is, I’m beginning to believe it.  Maybe the situations that led up to it shoud have been avoided.  No matter, I enjoyed the kiss.  I enjoyed it a lot.  A large part of me wants it to happen again.  But not until certain pre-requeisites have been met.  And unfortunately, at the present rate of things, those pre-reqs arent going to be met.  Vee doesn’t look at me in that fashion.  It hurts to realize this fact, but that’s how it is, so that’s how it is.  Nothing can stop me from hoping.  I’ve chosen her.  She just have to accept.  And receive vavor frum the LORD.  Ah, but the sweetness of those lips.


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