OP 12/7/99

You know what’s funny?  You figure you know how God works, and then the LORD flips it on you.  First off, Vee and I had another night of… enjoyment.  We didn’t stop until like 5 or so.  She’s an exceptionall kisser.  I’ve told her how I feel about her, and waited for a response.  And waited.  And waited.  I’m still willing to  wait.  I just have to know what I’m waiting for.  Does she WANT to be with me, or is she trying to blow me off. That’s where I was come Sunday night.  Enter Nathalii Castor.  Shes this “FLY” girl that I met a couple of months ago.  Dark-skinned, dimpled, intelligent, mildly depressive yet cheerful & she has an astounding singing voice.  That’s an irresistable combo.  Anyway, she and I kinda linked up.  We sorta talked on the phone.  Sorta, because whenever either of us is on the phone with the other, something comes up.  The unfortunate thing is that she’s still in high school, which plays with one of my rules.  However, I’m not going to do what Vee gets accused of by me.  You know, age discrimination.  So if Vee & I work out, praise God.  If it’s about Nathalii, then I receive that.  Whatever His plan is.

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