OP 12/30/99

Yeah, it’s been a while, nearly the duration of the month in fact. And oh so much has gone down in the last 23 days (and evenings).  The evenings spent with Vee have been as pleasurable as they’ve been painful.  She readily notifies me that she wants to be single, that she just views me as a friend.  Yet, those same lips that spoke those words are the same ones mine are pressed up against at 3:00am.  That same mind that thinks that a relationship is burdensome, is the same mind that wonders why I’m missing her clit.  I’m partially fed-up, but I’m so into her that I can’t get angry, merely frustrated. After all, I’ve invested months into our current relationship.  Honestly, enough, I’d have no problem waiting on Vee, were it not for Nathalie


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