Generic entry… again

Easiest way to keep me working… get me to pull another page from Unconcious Mutterings Seeker:: Hunter Mirror:: Glass Fire:: Water Goblet:: Chalice Empty:: Full Secrets:: Blabber Defense:: Defcon Hatchet:: Axe Vapour:: Vicks Ministry:: Preacher Advertisements

Word Association, 12/22

More from Unconcious Mutterings. Again, answers are mine, then my brother’s Exchange:: Stock, Clothes Parental Advisory:: Explicit Lyrics, Explicit Blowout:: Her Back, Her Back Spider:: Man, Man Happy:: Days, Sad Intense:: eyes, Sexuals Corrupt:: bad Rapper, Ben Ladin Got:: da Drawlz, Yours Crude:: Oil, intentions Three:: Some, four

Gotta keep updating

Just a little something from Unconcious Mutterings. Warning:: Hazard Aspirations:: Dreams Starvation:: Hunger Lid:: Hat Sketch:: Drawing Interrogate:: 3rd Degree Credit:: Visa Scotch:: Henessy (I know it’s not a scotch) Confused:: Dazed Paris:: Hilton

Se la Vie

Well, still not quite yet live, but obviously, the site is running. One of these days I’m going to have to sit down, examine the code, and come up with something spectacular. Till then, I’m just glad my digital presence again exists. I’m sitting in the doctor’s office now, cuz I’ve busted up my knee…

While I’m at it, why not give up the Daily Dirt 1. What’s the biggest amount of money you’ve seen in your bank before? Year before last’s tax return brought my account up to about $4200.00 2. How about the least amount? how much do I have now…? 3. Ever owe the bank any money?…

Word Association

Figured I’d pull the word association game from Unconcious Mutterings. Answers are mine then my brother’s Scrooge:: stingy, bad Ribbon:: blue, bow Physical:: sex. contact Income:: tax, money Dream:: degree, nightmare Notebook:: lines. pen Disney:: little mermaid world Combo:: TJ, 2 Booty:: texas, cheeks Skin:: smooth, beauty

Days like today

Now that I’m just SLIGHTLY liquored up, I realized why people drink so much. After the day I had at work today, I just want to go and smack EVERY HUMAN BEING that’s tried to activate a phone with t-mobile over the last few days. And cool thing is, I’m drunk enough right now to…