wasting time

Yo, for real, I been slacking like serious on this whole web design thing. This site COULD be pretty cool, if I were to spend a little more time on it’s design, but I’ve been REALLY lazy about it. Suppose that’s why nothings been done. I’m even starting to forget the little elementary things. Not a good sign when you’re trying to learn new software for blogging on top of it. I gotta seriously dedicate myself to doing more with this thing. True, MT is a little more complex, but I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge. Dammit, I just need to set a “done by” date, and be about it.

Well, I’m pretty damned happy that the Patriots won again. I get to run around all these Denver fan’s faces and gloat. Rahshawn can’t even talk to his co-workers since they were all pulling for the Colts. They’ve been hanging up on him when he’s called over the last few hours. This has been an off the hook NFL post season. This is definitely one of those things I’d buy if they put it on DVD. Heck, I’m sure this season generated quite a few new football fans. I just hope the Superbowl is one to remember as well, cuz I’ve almost gotten used to the ‘Bowl being a dull ass blowout.

Well. I just got the overwhelming urge to boot up one of my emulators and play Legend of Zelda (God I love that game.)


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