For real this time

For anyone that’s bothered to check if I’ve actually updated my site, I’m sorry about being such a total slacker. But honestly now, since I’m not doing too much else with my time, I’m actually going to take this thing back live. I’m also in the works of changing the domain name too, since D-S was just a “what I can come up with” type of name anyway. The name I want is available, so it’s just a matter of going to GoDaddy and getting them to give it to me. Prices have gone up there though. I bought this domain for less than $7 for 2 years (times up as of today). Now it’s gone up another 2 bucks almost. Lemme stop being cheap about it. Anyway, I’ve ACTALLY planned a layout, so it’s just a matter of turning a picture into code, and we’ll have action. Then, I’mma need to talk to YOU!


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