Random Crap

Meme action, taken from Cheryl

Alabama : Never Been

Alaska : never been

Arizona: Phoenix is off the hook, but it’s one of the strangest states I’ve ever seen. I mean, it’s perpetually hot in the Phoenix area, but just an hour north, in Flagstaff, there’s freaking PERMAFROST on the ground. Plus AZ at one of my cars.

Arkansas: Never Been

California: Never Been, but my girl calls it home, so chances are I’ll visit soon enough

Colorado: The state I call home now. It’s PERFECT for people that like to do things outdoors, but everything is spread so far apart. I live in Colorado Springs, which is about an hour south of Denver. The Springs is quiet as hell, with the exception of all the military bases, Denver is very active, but there are police EVERYWHERE. Hard to breathe here, since most of the state is at or above the timber line, and the weather is REALLY unpredictable. You really can get all 4 seasons in one day here. It doesn’t snow often, but you get dumped when it does… It’s usually gone by 4PM though.

Connecticut: Connecticut freakin SUCKS. Outside of the cities that are Metro NY, the cities in CT are small as heck. Harford… NOTHING. New Haven… NOTHING (and you’d think the home of Yale University would have SOMETHING!)

Delaware: It’s a cute little city, but no real reason to be there unless you own a bank

Florida: Never Been, but would like to check it out someday… after the hurricane cleanups

Georgia: Never Been, unless you count ATL airport

Hawaii: Never been

Idaho: Never been

Illinois: Drove through, that’s about it

Indiana: See Illinois

Iowa: Never been

Kansas: Drove through. WORST 12 hours of my life

Kentucky: Never been

Louisiana: Never Been.

Maine: Not much to do here, other than shop. Shopping is great though.

Maryland: Maryland has some off the hook metro areas. I rather liked it.

Massachusetts: The place I call home. I loved it there, but it’s expensive as HELL to live there. I mean, pay is scaled accordingly, so you make like $12/hr working at McDonalds, but $12 there is the same as making $6 anywhere else. Public transportation system is the best thing about the state though. You can go almost anywhere in the state on train or bus off a $50 transit pass.

Michigan: I’ll probably end up visiting here, since my girl used to live here.

Minnesota: Never been, but I DO wanna check out the Mall of America

Mississippi: Never been, can’t think of any reason I’d need to.

Missouri: Drove through. In all honesty, unless you’re on the extreme east or west ends of the state, it seemed pretty… rural.

Montana: Never been

Nebraska: Never been

Nevada: Never been but plan to pretty soon.

New Hampshire: Best shopping in New England. I’ve known people to spend $30 in gas to get there, just to avoid paying sales tax. Another rural state, but it’s so small that it’s not far from any of the cool cities, like Boston or Montreal.

New Jersey: Haven’t spent much time there. Smells kinda funny in the inner parts of the state. It seems like most people in NJ have an identity crisis though. Don’t know whether to classify themselves as being from NYC, Philly, or Maryland… but no one really CLAIMS NJ.

New Mexico: With the exceptions of Albuquerque and POSSIBLY Gallup, this state is just a big ass hick town. I mean, when the state capital is only 1 exit off the major hiway, you KNOW it’s small as hell.

New York: One of the most varied states I’ve ever been to. The City is cool as hell, but easy to get lost in. Long Island is like a state within itself, and Upstate seems to be resentful of the City, because it gets all the recognition. It’s easy to go broke there, cuz it’s the only place I’ve been that costs as much as Boston, but you can catch some great shopping deals, if you don’t ask where the stuff came from, or don’t mind bootlegs.

North Carolina: For a hyped up state, NC is DULL AS FUQ. Unless you live in the Research Triangle metro, or Charlotte metro areas, you are destined for unrelenting amounts of boredom. When I lived there, I frequently told people that the most entertaining thing to do there was LEAVE.

North Dakota: Never been

Ohio: Drove through. Some of the best radio stations on my move to Colorado were in Ohio. Dayton surprised the hell out of me, cuz there’s NOTHING there, but the radio station was doing things!

Oklahoma: Never been

Oregon: Never been

Pennsylvania: I hate this place with everything I can. Actually the state its’elf isnt’ terrible, and Pittsburgh is kinda cool, but most people think PA, and Philly is the first thing to come to mind. The city of brotherly shove. Went to Philly once when I was 6. Hated it. My college girlfried went to Temple U in Philly. Visited her there. Hated it. I’m sure there’s GOOD parts about the place, but I don’t intend on investing the time it’d take to find them.

Rhode Island: Lived there for a while. Providence is cool, but most of the state is like a big ass suburb of Boston.

South Carolina: Never been

South Dakota: Never been

Tennessee: Never been, but Memphis is one of the cities I’d like to live in when I’m done globe trotting. Either there, Phoenix, Houston, or somewhere in upstate Cali.

Texas: I know I have family SOMEWHERE in this state, just don’t know where. They say everything’s bigger in TX, I think they were talking about the ( @ Y @ )’s.

Utah: Never been, probably check it out soon

Vermont: No reason to go there at all. Unless you like skiing, and Colorado is better for that anyway.

Virginia: Born and raised. If you like warm sunny days, variant weather and getting out of school when it snows, you’ll love it here. Dudes look like dudes, the women are fine. Which was part of my problem in VA. I knew I had to escape, cuz something told me that if I didn’t leave Virginia after becoming sexually active, I’d have enough kids to field a football team. Haven’t been back since I graduated HS, but I do miss it a little. Not quite home anymore, but I’ll claim VA till my last breath… After Boston though.

Washington: Never been

West Virginia: Drove through… don’t plan on going back.

Wisconsin: Never been

Wyoming: Never been


One thought on “Random Crap

  1. being from SC let me tell you now, it takes about a year or two of living here to really appreciate how great this place is. At first it is boring and to the random visitor it will seem like the worst place ever but I love it. Too many people are moving here though… I miss the country life I once had when I was younger.

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