First, let me get this out of the way.

I’m a geek.

Not the classic, 2″ thick glasses (though my vision is a little off), button down white shirt, hi-water pants with white socks and dress shoes grade geek. I classify myself as a Geek v.3. I have adequate social acumen. I know what color the sky is during the day. I know where the “place to be” is on Friday night (or I did until the police shut the place down 2 weeks ago). Still, I have an inexplicable draw toward gadgets. If it takes batteries or an A/C adapter of some sort, it just somehow places itself on a MUST HAVE list.

Digital Audio player – I
Digital Camera – got 2
Cell phone – got 4 (love sim card technology)

You get the idea. So I’m currently on kick thinking that I need a more portable communications device. You know, a bluetooth enabled PDA, or a halfway decent laptop, just for on the road editing, writing, music, etc. Looking on C-Net, I ran into the T-mobile Sidekick 2 . Now, I have the Color Sidekick, and I was impressed. It didn’t do EVERYTHING, but what it did, it did better than damn near anything else. Now, I don’t have T-Mobile service anymore, since they fired me and all, but that little d00-dad made me considering signing RIGHT back up. I don’t think I’ll be satisfied until the walls of my house are made of silicon.


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