The Stand

Many of the blogs that I frequent are authored by people with vastly different views on life from mine. Personally, I think it adds flavor, and I like the option of seeing their points of view. In order to understand someone, it helps to see life through their eyes. All the same though, I know, unwaveringly, where I stand on certain issues. One of those is on the topic of homosexuality.

Let me set the record straight. I’m not “anti-homosexual”. Hell, it seems like the most rational people I know are the homosexual/bisexual people with whom I socialize. I am however very much against the homosexual political agenda. I hate the fact that present contemporary society is pretty much stating that I must be a close-minded bigot because I’m not a supporter of “the cause”.

In general, I have the same issue with homosexuality that I do with heterosexual promiscuity. I don’t view them any less as people, but I do feel that they’re settling for a less than perfect example of love, as intended by God. Hell, I personally think bisexuality is worse, just because that’s all about sex… at least a homosexual person can claim love for the person they’re with. But, it’s not my place to make judgement. As a Christian, my job is pretty much to be a road sign, pointing the way to God. If God chooses to challenge a person on their sexuality, then it’s their choice to make. If he doesn’t, then chances are, God sees that there’s something else more pressing in that person’s life with which to be dealt. Either way, I’ll care about anyone else just the same. If I disagree with something you say/do, I’ll have my piece to say about it, you’ll know how I feel about it, and if we were cool beforehand, we’ll be cool after the fact. I figure, Jesus would do pretty much the same, roll with you, speak his piece and call a duck a duck, and let you make your decision from there.


5 thoughts on “The Stand

  1. Thats the thing about opinions, everyone has a different one from yoru own but you have to respect that. Nice blog, take an easy. Adios.

  2. I love blogs… mainly for the opportunity to learn more about what other people think and feel. I appreciate your beliefs/opinions/thoughts and hope you continue to share them with the world.

  3. I’d urge you to investigate bisxuality more or ate least qualify how you came to the conclusion that it’s “all about sex”. Other than that, I think you are heading in the right direction as far as loving and respecting others as God intends.

    *I just figure that homo/hetero sexuality is a person looking for the right person for them to spend their time/life with. The big issue with this is that it means that the person has ONE person they are with, and that excusivity determines orientation. BIsexuality by nature means that you’d take whatever comes, and by default leaves a connotation of promiscuity, as you haven’t settled on a man OR woman to be with. Basically, bisexuality means you’d DO a man or a woman, attaching a native sense of promiscuity to the definition, whereas the other distinctions mean you want to BE WITH someone of the same, or opposite sex. It doesn’t rule out promiscuity, but at least it does denote the potential of a finite end.

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