Out and About

T, Squirt, and I went out with T’s parents yesterday and dawdled around the Colorado State Fair. More like the Colorado State Flea Market, but I digress. Aside from the atrocity that was the parking situation around there, we made it in okay. I supposed that Pueblo has to have something to offer it’s community, but I’ve been to more exciting events in the parking lot at the mall. Not to say that I didn’t enjoy myself. Any day spent with T and squirt is a worthwhile day, and I fed off of the little ‘un’s excitement. All the same though, I learned that my relative “hugeness” was a liability in certain aspects. For example, on one of those “teacup” type rides where they spin the FUQ out of you, and everyone is pushed up agains the person on the outside of the car… Let’s just say my ribs look like I’m an abused spouse. Neither of them is that big, and I outweigh them both combined (by like 2 or three pounds!). Still the outside of that spinning shit had NO kind of padding. I mean, offer ya boy a pillow or a folded up jacket or SOMETHING. It gave T the biggest laugh of her day though. Squirt did good overall. She only got rejected from 1 ride for being too short, and only panicked on one ride, seeing as they dangled her upside down for an unreasonable amount of time… and she was a little small for the restraints. That’s my trooper though.
All in all, a great time was had, mostly due to company, less so the venue. Maybe next year will be better.


One thought on “Out and About

  1. okay, I found your site via j.’s site (n-retrospekt) & I was amazed to find someone else that lives in the same city & state.. so I just wanted to show some ‘love’ per say.. or whatever..

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