The Sound of Music (cha-ching)

In recent months, I’ve found myself doing something I swore I never would have to do since college. I went to school with the original Napster guy, Shawn Fanning, and with the final compile of his creation, I knew my music buying days were over. Fast forward about 6 years, and now the Greatest of the file sharing programs has met it’s demise and (somewhat) resurgance, with several programs out there trying to fill in the gap. Despite the recording industry’s attempts to eradicate it, peer-to-peer file sharing is here to stay. Still, it’s not as much a real “surefire” way to get what you want anymore. There are more jacked up recordings, and virus infected files out there than there are legitimate files… Then there’s the eternal DJ Clue, DJ Kayslay remix when you DO get a song, and I’d rather not have someone talking over my music (Illuminati!!)
So, I’ve begun to do something that I’ve before thought was unthinkable. While I still download music online… now I pay for it.

It’s actually quite liberating to know that I can have a song that I want, download it to my computer, and don’t have to worry if the FBI is going to come knocking at my door and take my computers away. And while, DRM is annoying, I’m sure I’ll figure out a way around it, if it’s only as simple as buying, burning, and re-ripping the track. Now that I’ve come clean, the hard part is just beginning. Don’t know whether to go with I-tunes, or whatever Windows Media Player 10 uses. Right now, I’m investigating what has to offer. If nothing else, $0.49/track and $4.99/album is something to investigate.

By the way, I found my dream Digital Media player!


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