What is it about the traffic patterns in large cities that drive some people out of their freakin minds? For example:
Group of cars is speeding down the highway, and the statey pulls one of the cars over, Every car for like 5 miles around slows down and suddenly starts doing the speed limit. Just drive dammit, he already got someone. What’s he gonna do, handcuff the guy to the guardrail and go after you? Hell, he’s got someone now, that’s a free ticket to speed.

Or what about the “GawkerBlockers” that slow down to stare at every person that gets pulled over, or every breakdown or accident? What? Do you wanna join in? You gonna help? Your magic ocular powers arent working, so just drive on, so I can get my ass home and watch CSI:Middle of Fuckin Nowhere! Here’s your sign, move on please.

Or that dumb asshole today that was cruising along at about 35 in a 50 zone that suddenly has to speed up and fill in the gap between himself and the car 98634560 car lengths in front of him because I turn on my blinker… then damn near HITS my car to keep me from getting in front of him, ONLY to make a right turn at the next corner. Was the .5 seconds you saved by not having a 10 foot long car in front of you really that critical? If we were in Boston, you’d have gotten followed home, dragged out of your little Suburban and kicked in the head until the only word you could utter was “TIMMAY”!

I’m sure I forgot some, but I’m bitter now… contribute how you see fit.


2 thoughts on “Traffic

  1. Woo Saa…..Talk about “road rage!” Sheesh! I thought you weren’t driving? Play some mellow tunes and think about something nice, some of us want to see you around for a while longer! ;-).

    *Gotta be someone that knows me! (Droppin the woo saa). I’m actually playing the learner’s permit game now (driving under adult supervision). Still, I wasn’t flipping out like that, it’s just the principal of the thing… There’s principalities in this. If the space didn’t matter when it was empty, why be so desperate to not have someone else in it… Asshole

  2. LOL, I can sooo relate to the first scenario. I’ve thought the same thing before.
    “..Handcuff the person to the guard reail..” That’s good stuff! LOL

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