Hands of Time

Not quite sure what got me thinking so heavily about it, but on my drive home from work today I was contemplating the concept of going back in time to correct mistakes made in your youth. It made me wonder what other people really thought on the topic. So that’s actually the basis behind the…

Nothin Useful

A little word association Blackout:: Redman Platinum:: Palladium Leather and lace:: Whip Court:: Ticket Mind your own business:: BeesWax Gambling:: Boxing Lily:: Frog Evasive:: Dodgy Turn-on:: Legs Suspect:: Usual


I’m beginning to get perturbed by all this freakin comment spam. It’s not like I’m a high traffic site, but I honestly spent like 5 minutes this morning cleaning out my comments. Anyone know a good filter for this shit for WordPress?


I’ve been a little out of the loop of late, seeing as my schedule at work changed with the new job. Now doing tech support for US Gypsum, I work the glorious hours of 5:30am-2:00pm. I don’t so much mind the 2:00 part, but getting up at 4-4:30 is tough, considering I previously didn’t have…


Cool, apparently I can post to the site from my sidekick. I feel all warm and fuzzy again, since I’m back on the technological bandwagon again.

Just Shoot Me

T’s daughter, Squirt, is cut from a rare cloth. She is a child below the age of 14 that I actually like. No excessively inane questions, and while she has more energy than the energizer bunny on double esspresso and hooked up to a car battery, she’s relatively calm under most circumstances… and when she’s…