I’ve been a little out of the loop of late, seeing as my schedule at work changed with the new job. Now doing tech support for US Gypsum, I work the glorious hours of 5:30am-2:00pm. I don’t so much mind the 2:00 part, but getting up at 4-4:30 is tough, considering I previously didn’t have to be at work until 8. Still, USG is a much smaller company than DOW, so there’s less to do, but that little bit is a lot more intensive. Wonder what my learning curve will be.

I’ll be moving shortly, as in the beginning of the month. I’m pretty happy about it, as it’ll be the first time in AGES where I’ll have a roommate (T) that pays rent, on time, and without argument.

I was recently turned on to a new program last week. Since incorporating that into my standard software, my DVD burner has been spinning non-stop. Couple that with Netflix and Blockbuster, and I’ve added like 14 movies to my collection in the last 12 hours. Hell, it’s so good, I went and bought another burner for one of my other computers… Hopefully the FBI doesn’t read my site.


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