Hands of Time

Not quite sure what got me thinking so heavily about it, but on my drive home from work today I was contemplating the concept of going back in time to correct mistakes made in your youth. It made me wonder what other people really thought on the topic. So that’s actually the basis behind the questions I present to you, my “faithful” readers.

1.If you had an opportunity to go back in time and mentor yourself for one day, when would it be? (I’m not necessarily asking day/date/time here)

2. What general issue would you advise yourself on in that instance? What specific thing?

3. If you actually could do this, what would you see as being the most tangible differences between the person you are now and the person you WOULD be now if you had that knowledge/advice then?

As for MY answers:

I’d personally go back to some point during the second semester of my senior year of High school. I was at my most malleable at that point, and I actually still possessed some of the infamous “youthful innocence”. I honestly think I’d probably advise myself to accept the appointment to the AirForce Academy that I turned down. True it would have been a lot of work, but I feel that it would have gotten a jump start on instilling the sense of discipline that it took me FAR too long to develop, and with the decisions I made while I was in school in Boston, I’m sure that some of that learned discipline was learned the hard way. General knowledge, I’d probably try to instill the same love of God that I gained from having LIVED in Boston, which I classify as the most significant thing that I’d gained from my 8 years in the Bay State.
Still, I’m not sure I’d be the anchored Christian that I became because of my time in Boston. Still, I’d have been more in tune with my family (my Sister and her family moved here to Colorado Springs, home of the AFA, during my freshman year of college), I’d have had a sober sense of money management, and if nothing else, I’d be a commissioned officer in the US Airforce just ending my first term of service in the military (Air Force Officers are less likely to see live combat… and my vision is shot anyway). I’d most likely still be friends with some of the people that I knew when I was a HS sophomore in Boston, I’d get to travel around the world like I’d always wanted to do, and I’d be surrounded by some of the most advanced technology in existance.
Still, I reflect on the things in me that I wouldn’t have had. I wouldn’t have had my first love, one of those HS friends in the Boston area. I wouldn’t have the spiritual background that I DO have that’s made me the man of God I am. The less than perfect experiences in Boston that I went through gave me a sense of compassion that I don’t think I could have gotten any other way than by suffering. I most likely wouldn’t have met the various people that are so valuable to me here in Colorado NOW. While T was still here in the Springs, she was with her daughter’s father, and if nothing else, the age difference at that time would have been insurmountable (I’m her first younger man). A wasn’t quite in the market at the time, plus she was freakin MARRIED, at the time. My other friends that I have here were either elsewhere for school if they’re natives, or just not even HERE if they aren’t.

I suppose I just want the improvements and ease of life that hindsight would have provided, but I would have loved to be able to maintain the experiences that I experienced.

By the way, I just remembered what made me think of this topic… Watching The Butterfly Effect. I need to get outside more


One thought on “Hands of Time

  1. I have reflected on my past and have come to the understanding that I would not change anything from my past or I would not be the exact person I am. There can be no assurance that if one small thing was changed from the past we would be even remotely where we are now. true there have been experiences I wish I didn’t have to go thru but without those experiences who would I really be? and would my son be here? I learn, and I grow, and I believe I am where I am because of where I have been.

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