And I can’t talk

Normally, I’d say something stupid about people camping out in front of a video game store for hours in the cold, but I was right out there along with hundreds of thousands of others, waiting for my copy of Halo 2. I got it home around 12:45, after repeatedly telling the guy in the store that I didn’t want the strategy guide (though I’m thinking about changing my mind now), and experienced the cool Monk/Nun chanting.

Haven’t done anything like that since September of 1999, on the launch date of the Dreamcast. At least this time, I got a place holder in line, and sat my behind in the car until it was time to pick up my copy. I was amazed by the amount of coverage the sale of this game generated. I live in a very conservative, predominately white community, but I knew this was big time when I saw a segment on Halo 2 on my 10 o’clock news. A lot of people still regard the whole gaming phenomenon as being for “kids”. I honestly don’t think the average 13 year old earns enough to support the now 11 Billion dollar gaming industry, and I know that the GTA series isn’t aimed toward someone still trying to learn how to ride a 2 wheeler.

I kinda look at it like this. Average game costs about $50. Time span for completion of said game usually ranges from 20-40 hours. That more or less rounds out to $1.25-$2.50 per hour of entertainment. MOVIES on the other hand, usually range $10-$15 for non-matinee shows, with average running time of 2 hours. So we’re talking $5-$7.50 per hour of entertainment. Sounds like reasonable math to me.


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