Check Out THOSE Graphics

I love video games, and have fully absorbed myself lately in Halo 2 and Everquest 2, and am twitching somewhat at the recent release of Half-life 2 (sequelitis much?). I’ve played my share of online FPS (first person shooters) and feel that that’s part of what makes those kinds of games fun… killing someone online. Still, the concept of being able to fire a REAL GUN is carrying it a bit too far. A ranch owner in TX has set up a “huntin rahffle” with a webcam and some sort of robotic arm, and allows you to shoot animals on his ranch from any location in the world.

Personally, I think it’s kinda funny that the state legislature is in a rush to reword the hunting laws so that “anyone hunting animals covered by state law must be physically on site when they shoot.


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