Old Habits, revisited

I’d mentioned before that I have a bad habit of somehow doing something to sabotage my relationships, and even though I was perfectly happy in the one that I have, I’d ended up doing it again. Being the asshole that I can be, I’ve hurt the most important person to me, and I don’t know how this is going to be salvaged.


2 thoughts on “Old Habits, revisited

  1. The problem isn’t that your an asshole. The problem is that you accept that some ONE person can really love you. You sabbatoge from feelings of inadequacy subconciously doing yourself in before it is done to you. You never got over it the first time it happened to you from a “girl” who was supposed to have loved you. A test never fails to happen just when things seem to be going right. You can turn it around and salvage it this time because you are finally in a relationship YOU want to be in and not settling in one just for the time being. Fight for her if she is who you really want. Figure out what it will take to get back what you think you may have lost. Get help if you can’t do it yourself and remain steadfast and PRAY. Ask God to forgive you and try not to fall into the traps again. He will hear you and your sincerity and provide you with the tools to be the man I know you are and you know you are. Peace and may you recieve your wishes.

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