So Much Fun, So Little Time

I’m actually presented with something of an annoying dilemma. Normally I avoid MMORPGs, just because I don’t like to invest the time required to get the full enjoyment out of those games. Not to mention the elevated geek factor involved with investing untold hours to get your mage up to level 34. Yet, November was a big month in the genre, and I allowed myself to pick up the two new heavy hitters in the series Everquest 2, and World of Warcraft. Now aside from the aforementioned social issues involved in playing these games, another primary reason I don’t involve myself in them is the expense of playing them. You pay $50+ to purchase the game, around $15 per month to PLAY it, and if you get to the point where you’ve played it enough, there’s no “PHAT LEWT” left to get so you have to get the variant expansion packs (look how many there were for the original Everquest. Still, I now kind of understand how these games have caught on so much. It’s more the social aspect than anything else. Yeah there’s a desire for the hottest in game gear, but meeting and having your virtual self “hang out” in these imagined worlds is pretty cool. It’s like living in a book almost, because, since you’re not the central character, you get to just be there as the story unfolds. And I suppose that’s where my real dilemma presents itself. I have 2 games to play, and basically want to play the one that’ll give me the feeling that I’m having the most impact on it’s game world. I get a sense of depth out of EQ2 that I dont get in Warcraft. The quests are more involved, and the game just feels more… complete. Warcraft feels like a “starter” RPG, the interface is simpler, and the game walks you through every little piece of it. It kind of feels like an RPG pre-school. However, you get a more tangible sense of accomplishment in Warcraft than you do in EQ2. And aside from the pre-school feel of the game, it PLAYS better. Its smoother, looks better, and with my limited time to play, I can still get something done in game. Same can’t be said for EQ. If you don’t play for several hours straight, you’re not getting anywhere. Plus my own fam is more likely to get into Warcraft, since it’s easier to pick up and play. Maybe I’ll just have to suck it up and pay $30 per month for both games… Ouch, that hurt just to SAY.


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