Delayed Reaction

I’ve been entirely too silent this month. Especially considering all the occurrances that have taken place in December. I suppose I’ve been getting caught up in all this holiday stuff, which is rather new to me, because I’m notoriously Grinchy. Christmas itself was pretty nice, I managed to get a rather decent haul. Now I just need a space to put all my stuff. Normally, I just sorta horde my money around the end of the year, and laugh at all the other people that overspent on the holiday. Yesterday, I looked at my bank account and nearly cried… Keeping in mind the fact that I have WAY too many “holidays” in too short a period of time. Christmas was Saturday, December 14. New Year’s Day is Saturday January 1st. And joyously, T’s birthday is Saturday January 8th. I hope she’ll take an IOU, or if I’m lucky, Victoria’s Secret’s Semi-Annual Sale will come up the FOLLOWING week.

Pleasantly enough though, the most interesting occurrances during December happened about a week BEFORE Christmas. Being from Boston, I’m used to chroning “non-driving”, to the point where you think someone would have to be schooled to drive that poorly. I’m still trying to figure out how someone rear ends a parked car at 20MPH, but I’m verified proof that it CAN happen. So now my shiny Neon, which JUST rolled over 10,000 miles now looks like a Chevette. The guy had good insurance though, so my car is in the shop now. But God must be laughing right now, because the car that the rental agent gave me is an absolute JOKE. I feel the need to apologize to other cars on the road for exposing them to a vehicle like this. It’s a Chevy Aveo, and the thing feels like a freaking Go-Kart. I have a Pioneer system with 6 speakers in the Neon. This think has a rotary dial AM-FM radio. I didn’t even know they MADE stuff like that. I thought that in this day and age, cd or cassette was standard. My car had power everything, this thing… I think there’s some electricity in it SOMEWHERE. I drive manual, this is of course, an automatic. The speedometer looks like an afterthought, and I’m scared I’ll rip the door handle off when I open or close the door. Hold on a second, I need to cry.

At least I’m not paying for any of it. Guess I gotta take joy in whatever I can. Anyway Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year, and that you stay blessed


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