Happy New Year (late ass)

Yeah, I know I’m a little behind on the whole new year update, but at least I did it before we got 2 digits in the date. I traded in the little pocket car for a Kia. Sad that I’d rather have a Kia Rio than the Chevy Aveo, but have you SEEN that car. T kept asking where you put the key in the back to wind it up!

New Year’s weekend was relaxing as hell. Even Christmas wasn’t as good. Almost makes me sad to think how long I’ve got until the next holiday good enough to get off work… I don’t know if this job classifies President’s Day as a holiday. That’s what I miss about Boston… they took holidays seriously. Hell, they had EXTRA holidays. No one else outside that city celebrates Patriot’s day, the city shuts down on Good Friday, and FORGET getting anything done on the day of the Marathon, cuz even the subway wont run on that day (a racer once caught the train to the finish line).

I played video games (actually just World of Warcraft) and slept in… If only every weekend could be like that. Oh well, back to the grind.


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