Clubbed In The Nuts With A Bag Of Ice

It’s something of an honor to get to host the OSW this week. I was just yammerin with EJ last week about tracks he was throwing together about moaning ass singers, like Case or Keith Sweat, and I mentioned I was listening to some music from the 70’s. Mentioned that they either sound like they were wearing their toddler’s underoos, or they’d been clubbed in the nuts with a bag of ice, and lo and behold, we end up with today’s theme. I figured I’d go with 3 different camps for the selections. I went with the classics that got me on this train of thought like Bloodstone, Blue Magic, or the Stylistics and whatnot. Then I went with more modern singers who sing like they had a frozen vice grip on their crotch, like Prince, or Brian McKnight. Then we added the song where there’s just the unreasonable high note, like they really did get hit in the nuts during recording. So here’s the list, and I hope you enjoy.


5 thoughts on “OSW – CITNWABOI

  1. I just discovered your blog. I like your choices, you have a good eye and ear. I stumbld upon it, from EJ’s OSW. Naturally, I had to find out what what CITNWABOI stood for. LOL

    Great choices. Last night, I was watching “Jackie Brown”, which of course is built around “Betcha By Golly Wow.”

    I could listen to your selections all day. Do you remember Magnum Force’s “Share My Love”? Great freshman debut, I think they were a one-hit wonder.

    **actually, I had the track in line, but for some reason or another, it errored out while trying to recode it to work with Radio.Blog. Good choice tho.**

  2. LOL – well the ladies love the whiners (less keith sweat! LOL)

    **Keith is more of a novacaine injection straight to the tongue than CITNWABOI type of singer**

  3. Hey stop pickin on Prince..you trying singing in those tight pants and high heels, LOL. Great selections, great radio.blog!

    **I can’t pick on Prince, Dude is 5’2″, and could get any woman I know. AND look prettier than them while doing it!!**

  4. Man, I’m still laughing about CITNWABOI. Keith Sweat is in another catefory as well, the love beggars.

    **That’s what EJ and I were saying. Though I don’t know if Donnell Jones belongs in that group as he suggested**

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