Nighttime, Sniffly, Sneezy…

Once again, I get the joyous experience of contracting a cold. Of course, I blame Squirt, since she seems to be notorious for transmitting the mutant strains of disease than only a grade school child can carry. Trish is going to have an absolute BALL with us this weekend, since I’m something of an unpleasant sick person. I’m not rowdy or anything, I’m just a little whiney, and a whiney 6’3″, 225lb black man loses the cute factor REALLY quick.

Squirt came home from school yesterday, with the most dejected look I’ve ever seen scrawled accross the face of an 8 year-old. Apparently, it was the day to do some form of Pagan Valentine ritual where school sponsored Valentines were distributed. We heard the story of how one of the girls in the class got 10, one girl got 6, a boy got 3. Squirt got 1… from the teacher. The teacher that sent one to EVERY student in the class. How do you console an 8 year old that apparently doesn’t get the attention from her classmates that she desires… Especially when you don’t really want boys looking at her in the first place. I haven’t gotten to he point yet that I stand over her with a buck knife, spiriting her away to some temple of chastity when I go to pick her up from school. I couldn’t find the knife. Anyway, she’s cute and she’ll get over it… or she won’t and I won’t have to worry about boys calling my house… Please God, don’t let boys call the house…


One thought on “Nighttime, Sniffly, Sneezy…

  1. I have 8yr. old twin girls and a 6yr. old girl. I utter that same prayer boo. …in the name of Jesus, Amen. You ever find notes in her backpack that she either writes to herself or some of her lil classmates? I’m amazed at some of the things my girls are pondering. I hope your lil one feels better soon.

    **Actually, I did find a note that she wrote to herself in a journal she was keeping (I needed a sheet of notebook paper). It made me change the way I look at her, because she’s beginning to entertain adult concepts, though still possesed of a child’s insight of those concepts. I promised myself that I’d do all I could to protect her innocence for as long as I can.**

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