A Love Letter

Honestly, I’m not one of those freaks that stalks pregnant women or a “chubby chaser” or anything, but the longer Trish has been pregnant, the more attracted to her I’ve become. It could be the old glutton effect, seeing as when this little one is born, I probably ain’t gonna be getting any in a while. Gotta stock up, ya know. But actually, I think it’s the fact that we’re growing closer together. I love that woman, and I’ve actually had to redefine what love meant for me in order to say that about her. The way I feel about her is as tangible to me as an ear or a hand, and any thought of losing her would be just as tangible. When she hurts, I hurt… unfortunately that sometimes means physically as well as emotionally. I look at her when she watches TV, and when she sleeps. I love the way she cuddles up to my pillow right after I leave for work before her, and I like to roll into her ‘dent’ when she leaves before me. I hate not waking up to her on the weekend. I seriously doubt I could effectively convey what she is to me, but I hope she knows. Just wanted to say “I love you bebby”, in case I forget and that the greatest occasion in my life is when you chose me.


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