Mood Music…

I have to thank Lis for pointing out in her post the song “Good Man” by Inda Arie. So I decided to listen to it again, and as often happens when I listen to the song, I started crying uncontrollably. My whole perspective of listening to this song has changed now that I’ll be a father in about a month. I love Trish and Squirt, and remind myself every morning that they’re the reason I wake up in the morning, shuffle out of bed and abuse myself here at work every morning. With my daughter’s oncoming birth, it just hit me that I’m responsible for the creation of something that will live past me, I’ve got a responsibility to guide and mold her, comfort and provide, and it really does get overwhelming sometimes… But I know I can do it, with God’s help. There will come the day when they might wake up, and I’m not there anymore… and I realized that all I want from God is for them all to know I tried, and tried with all that I had to be what I could for them…

Okay, is that sappy enough. Trust me, listen to the song, think about someone you care about, and you’ll understand me…


2 thoughts on “Mood Music…

  1. oh you really feel me on this song cause you articulated it so beautifully. ain’t nothing sappy there man! I know I am overwhelmed with being a parent sometimes (most of the time). It’s a HUGE responsiblity that I don’t want to mess up! I guess if God can trust me, then I gotta trust myself (and more importantly Him) to get me through! LOL

  2. Sappy? No. But it certainly elicited this huge smile on my face! lol I have to admit, I sat here for more than a few seconds just feelin’ everything you said. Then, I thought about my husband, my best friend. He works his tail off to provide for me and our 3 girls and has done everything to make sure that if something happens to him, we’re well taken care of. He tells me often, “Angie, you don’t have to work.” (and I don’t)LOL That man, I tell ya. Remember that scene in New Jack City when Ice T was in the pool with Wesley Snipes rattin’ on Wesley’s boy(I can’t think of his name)? Ice T told him, “I gotcha back.” That’s the message I get from my hubby every single day. “I gotcha back.” Ok, Diva’s done…lol Holla!

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