I’m a gamer, plain and simple. Given the opportunity, I’d spend and entire day in front of my PC playing World of Warcraft or Half-Life 2, or sit at the X-box and fire something up, but Trish won’t have too much of that so I limit myself mostly to the weekends for gaming. Lately though, I’m trying to absorb the rest of my family into my passions, so I’ve been spending more time than usual playing fighting games, or just games that have multiplayer/LAN capability and “bonding” with Squirt. And I’ve come to realize that this little girl is a freaking DEMON.

Of late, our poison of choice has been Soul Calibur II. Now, I’m one of the better players I know. Not quite at the level of my friend CJ who is nationally ranked, in single digits, but I can hold my own against someone that’s a non-professional… Or so I thought. Here I am, almost 28 years old, and yesterday, after she finished her homework while I was practicing, this 8 year-old girl commenced a pretty solid thrashing on me. I mean, I won more than she did, but she’s getting to the point now where she’s winning 40% of our matches now. I mean, losing 8 out of 20 matches to an 8 year old is ROUGH on the ego… especially when you’re supposed to be “the good one”. I don’t know whether to classify her as my protegeè or my nemesis… How do I justify to my friends that my biggest gaming competition is someone that still has to stand on her tiptoes to look out of her bedroom window.


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