Letter to a Woman Who’ll Never Understand

Well Trish, you told me yesterday that you needed some breathing room, some time to find yourself in this relationship, since neither of us were doing what was required to make the other person happy.  And me, deciding that I’d do whatever it took to make this relationship agreed to doing what I felt you needed.  After all, you were wonderful when you were happy.  And when I screwed up, that’s when you sorta… stopped being here in the relationship.  I figure 2 years is enough time for you to get over the fact that I cheated, if you really do want to work things out. 

At least, I thought you wanted to work things out.  Apparently you didn’t need to breathe too much, seeing as less than 4 hours after you rushed me out of the apartment that I paid for, suspicion caused me to go back to MY apartment, only to find his jalopy sitting in front.  Considering the fact that he was in Sacramento last time I checked, that means you solicited for him to come to Colorado Springs.  What, you were counting on me getting that jail time?

So this is the end.  I told you when we were going over the paternity issue, that if that baby lays eyes on him, then he can be the daddy, cuz I’d want nothing to do with you.  I hold myself to that promise.  After I get my stuff (which I already packed up… that’s how transparent you are), there’s no reason for me to cast eyes on you or your family anymore.  If you think that you’re better off with a man that habitually cheats on you, and puts you and your infant daughter out on the streets, in the middle of winter, in Grand Rapids, MI; forcing your family to drive from Colorado to GET you, then I want to see how that works.  Electricity gets cut off tomorrow, and my name is off the lease.  Get your own shit together, leave me out of it.


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