I’m not going to be an overwhelming hater, as theiving exists everywhere.  But I ran into one of my boys from Boston on myspace here recently, and find it amusing that his name changed to Metaphorik after I leave the city.  Basically, he waited until I left and then went with a name as similar to mine as he could manage, because he liked the name I chose.  Seriously, I’ve been metaphyzxx since I first touched the internet back in 1996.  Yeah, I sorta stole it from someone who had it first, as there was a Metaphyzx on IRC, but I don’t think he’s used it as well as I have.  I’m just wondering what he’s gonna say when I bring it to HIS attention that he’s been brought to mine.

Currently listening:
Songs in A Minor
By Alicia Keys
Release date: By 26 June, 2001

2 thoughts on “Plagerism

  1. Considering that I’m that guy from IRC (EFnet #hiphop, blaklife and blackhouse) who had the nick first, I’d have to say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

    Although no one rocks that nick better than the original. Sorry.


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