Relentless Stupidity

I hate when a person gets bothered by the consequesnces of their own actions, and still gets upset when they reap the fruit of their own labor.  What brings this to bear is the fact that Trish left me a note on the coffee table, with the nerve to ask me why do I act like I don’t love her.  Apparently, she thinks I’m dumb, blind, a complete moron, or all of the above.  We just moved into this apartment in November, and already, her ex-boyfriend is blowing up the phone.  Obviously, since I work nights, I’m not supposed to know that he’s called.  But wouldn’t YOU be suspicious if you knew your significant other’s ex called, you talked to them, and they told you that your S/O had asked them to come by. 
He was actually kinda upset that I still LIVED with her.  And there’s been at least one call a week, though more like 4-5 since Thanksgiving.  I’m not supposed to really check the voicemail, since she changed the password, but I gather information, and that was one bit of it.  He gave her an ultimatum to have me moved out by the end of the month, and now, you’re wondering why I seem detatched.  You’re planning on having another man live in the apartment that I pay for, and I’m not supposed to be upset.
Ya know what, I should be done with all of this.  Love obviously means something different to her than it does me, and if she can’t get to the point of leaving all her safety nets behind, like she demanded of me over a year ago, then there’s no point in my trying to deal.

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