Growing Up

Well, my 29th birthday is this coming Monday, and as I’m prone to do, I took a little time to reflect on how I’ve grown and changed since this point last year.  Looking at the relationship we have today, it’s almost hard to believe the cold war that Trish and I had last year.  Maybe we had to see how NOT to do things in our relationship first, so that way we could appreciate when things go right.  This time last year, it was debatable whether we’d make it through the month, and now she’s flipping through bridal magazines trying to find a dress.  A certified video game addict, I’ll now jump off a game if asked… unless I’m in a high action point.

The experiences I’ve had have transformed me, turned me into the man I wished I could have been when I was single/unattached.  I have confidence enough now that I could walk up to any woman and ask her out.  Or ask for her phone number.  Or give her mine.  And yet, the desire to do so has waned as well. 

I have someone now, for whom I don’t worry if she’s stepping out on me, or talking to someone else behind my back.  Someone, with whom I’m on the same page.  I think it’s cute that she’s somewhat insecure as to whether she is what I want, and wish there was a way to ease her mind. 

I’ve gained a new perspective on many things.  I understand why I was advised not to have single friends of the opposite sex when I’m in a relationship, since they don’t have the same outlook on things.  My bills are paid, and I’m actually saving money for a change.  Maybe I was right, maybe odd number years just aren’t my thing.


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