Cool thing about having DVR is that it gives me the opportunity to watch TV shows I’d ordinarily miss, since I work nights.  Case in point, I finally got the opportunity to watch Black White on FX.  Something of an eye opening experience really.  First off, the mix is pretty good, primarily because you not only see the difference of racism’s effect on members of individual races, but also on different genders and age groups of those races.  The adults seem more concious of racism, while the children seem more rebellious toward it.  The white family seems to expect more overt examples of the racism, with the black family getting riled up because they don’t get the sublety of race relations in the new millenium.  Not to mention, the white father seems to REALLY be into dropping the ‘N-bomb’.  And the black family seems to think any slight is more related to race than just individual judgements.  It leads me to think about whether there is a cultural difference that will exist in my life and family, being in an interracial relationship.  Will a new cultural paradigm result out of the mix?  Generally, were I on the show, I don’t think I’d be treated exceptionally differently in the world at large, but if I were to masquerade as a caucasian, I have the feeling that my own people (black) wouldn’t react to me the same.  Oddly enough, I think we do more to perpetuate racism than we perceive other people inflict upon us.  Not to say that it doesn’t exist, but we’ve made such an issue of making others feel bad about it, that we seem to perpetuate that.  At some point, bygones will have to be bygones, and we’ll have to move forward. 

All in all, the biggest legacy of the slave culture of america is that it’s left a major component of the people of this country without much of a heritage to pass on to the next generation.  Without a history, a people can’t have a future.  So, if we don’t have a past, I figure we should start working to make the present our future.  We talk about how we built this country, that it’s foundations were established on our backs forcefully.  True.  But now we have an opportunity to do it willingly.  We can strive to make the black american a people to be respected the world over… then maybe we can drop the “Black” american, and just be Americans.


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