What once was

I’m actually feeling kinda moody today.  I suppose I did it to myself, taking the time to Google ex-girlfriends on the internet, but honestly, I used to do a pretty good job in choosing them.  So what went wrong?  What did I do in the last few years that made me decide to take a failed path.  Maybe I bought a lie.  Maybe I let myself believe that this was all I could obtain.  Maybe I thought I deserved what I got, or didn’t deserve better.  Honestly, I don’t know. 

Maybe a little instruction would have helped.  Maybe I should have grown up a little faster (that would have helped actually).  Either way, maybe isn’t sufficient.  I know D’wayn and I wouldn’t have worked… we didn’t mesh well.  But what about Nikki?  Heck, our breakup was more of a mistake than anything else.  I just saw it as a way out at that opportunity.  Maybe I thought I was an anchor to her, I don’t know.  But I didn’t stick to the path, and it’s what brought me where I am now


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