Bring to Rememberance

That’s been the big thing for me over the last several weeks, that the Lord would bring things into the rememberance of the believer.  The funny thing I find though, is the things that God actually CAUSES me to remember.

Example, one of the things supposedly known in the word is that when we’d get to heaven, somewhat in the way that Peter, James, and John recognized Elijah and Moses during the Transfiguration, we’d all know each other when we get to heaven.  Well, I woke up this morning, and heard a song on mom’s TV.  Ordinarily, I’ve heard this song as an intro for the Word Network’s promos.  Still the song (I will Bless the Lord), while familiar to me, wasn’t really ‘KNOWN’.  So hearing it, seeing that it was a teleplay of a concert, I wanted to sit around and try to find out who it was that sung the song (I like it).

Interesting part came when they did a closeup to the lead of the choir.  I saw him, and IMMEDIATLY knew that it was Byron Allen.  Now, Byron Allen isn’t like Kirk Franklin or Israel Houghton, or Fred Hammond, groups that I follow or HAVE followed at one point or another.  Not like Antwaun Staton or J Moss, people that are plastered up everywhere so you get to recognize them by default.  Not even like John P Kee, or Rance Allen, having seen them somewhere.  I’ve never seen an album cover, never activly listened to him.  I don’t associate him with any particular musical style.  Dont’ even know if I’ve ever seen him anywhere.  So how did I recognize him on sight?  Eh, maybe I’ll find that out on the other side



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