Get Lifted

John 12:32 But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself.”

I look at the state of the body of Christ and at times I want to get discouraged. There are so many techniques and methods applied to get people into church, to bump up church attendance, and to speak on the number of people responding to alter calls. At the same time, I see so few people that would really meet the definition of disciple, a person who is like their instructor when fully trained. It almost appears that the “body” of Christ keeps thinking that it’s the Head itself.

While the scripture says that jesus said this to describe how he would die, it’s still a general truism. If Jesus is exalted above the concerns of men, it’s HIM that will draw men to himself. The church, by and large, has seemed to have gotten into itself being the ‘Gateway to God’, and people distant from God speak on needing to “Get back into church”, but in the long run, church doesn’t save anyone. When is the body of Christ going to offer something more than the World’s product in a different package? We’re supposed to be citizens of a different kingdom, when are we going to import that kingdom with us?


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