Today’s Church – Zombie Gathering

I’ll be genuine with you.  I’m having something of a crisis of faith.  Not that my ability to believe in God is in jeapordy or anything (yet), but I honestly feel that there is very little true worship of God going on anywhere.  I’m almost to the “what’s the point” phase.  I mean, I go to church, and hear the same thing I hear on the christian radio stations, and it’s the same thing that I hear people talk about in general christian circles.  It’s a bunch of repeating of the same old, same old.  Almost like “indoctrination” if you know what I mean.

Coming to a life in Christ, I thought I was supposed to be getting what he described as “life, and life more abundantly”, but I see a bunch of dead people talking about how good he is.  I’m almost terrified of becoming like one of them.  I’m scared that I’ll become so embittered that when I see a person on fire for God, I’ll take a concious effort to douse that fire as much as possible, in order to make my lack of zeal feel less conspicuous.  What happened to the life?


4 thoughts on “Today’s Church – Zombie Gathering

  1. You made me chuckle because that’s exactly how I felt when I went back to the Church in Scotland at Christmas break. A church, I worshiped 15 years ago and nothing had changed except for people getting old.
    I am however considering getting involved with the Church to bring about that change.

  2. In the end, that’s pretty much what I’ve felt the need to do. If I can’t find it and I know what I’m looking for, what about the person that’s not exactly sure?

    I made a promise to God WAAY before I took being a christian seriously that I would BE for someone else what I couldn’t find for myself.

  3. One of the most crucial things to accept about Christians is that true Christianity is very hard to find. There are a lot of people in the faith for little purer reason than they are terrified of hell and damnation and believe if they, excuse the expression, kiss up to God, they’ll get the big thumbs up. The expression which pertains to a whole crowd of Christians is “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”, or as Ghandi said “I like your Jesus Christ, I do not like your Christians, they are so unlike him”. It does no good to just praise God, confess and beg forgiveness. If you’re not holding yourself to a strict, selfless code of conduct you may as well forget Christianity.

    Jesus would not cease from doing good even when faced with the most unhappy torture the Romans could devise. Most people’s morals are so weak they can be stopped from doing good by something on TV or the chance of something nice to eat.

    When it comes to righteousness, baking cakes, praying for those less fortunate than ourselves and giving to the poor and needy falls somewhat short of laying down ones life, which is actually the measure your Christian mores are measured by.

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