Fresh Start



Like David in Ziklag (1 Samuel 30:1-20), the time has come to leave the pity party and start moving forward.  Fine, the relationship ended, and Trish and I aren’t quite on the best of terms.  Fine, I barely get to see my son, and don’t get to see Elana at all.  Fine, my credit looks like it got 2 passes through the paper shredder.  My options are to either:

  • a: Wallow in self-pity, crying over the things I’ve lost, and hoping that my pitiable state draws people to me to witness the tragic als0-ran scenario that is my life.
  • b: Pick up the pieces and make something out of the remaining shards, learning what I can from the experience, and using my life as an example of triump for others.

I’m sure the tone indicated in those two options gives indication as to what my attitude is going to be.  I’ll admit that the existing situation looks somewhat dismal.  After all, this is SOOO off of what I had as the plan.  But that’s the funny thing about plans…  wrenches often get tossed in.  Heck, if nothing else this provides a poigniant opportunity to live up to the title of the blog, to embody it’s theme.  Imagine, looking back at this abyssmal scenario in a year’s time and seeing how far I’ve come with the nothing that I’ve been given to work.

Fact is, I don’t see the path out, and I’m still looking for the ground from which to build the new life that’s before me.  Which means when it comes about no one but God can get the glory for it.  Am I right?



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