The Future Starts Today

I never expected to find myself where I am today. Five months later, after Trish made what could only be defined as an abandonment maneuver, I still haven’t seen Elana, and only see Xian as she sees fit. This is garbage. I’m seriously irate about it, but getting mad won’t get anything done. I’m still in the process of trying to reacquire the meager material wealth that I had from her. Anyone that knows me would easily tell that I miss my computer(s) the most. Heck, I barely remember what else she took, aside from the cameras. Basically, she kept whatever she felt would benefit her best. Well, since I’m going to be spending plenty of time in court anyway, I may as well start a little court-time myself.

But even if I get my things back, what does that do when it comes to the kids? So what she requested the paternity test indicating that Elana wasn’t mine biologically. It’s not like that’s news or anything. Im still her daddy, last time I checked. It seems like the only impediment to me being a father to my children is their mother.


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