Importance of Excellence



One point that I want to make sure that my son learns is the value of excellence.  It almost seems like mediocrity is applauded in American society today, in that they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and want to validate their ‘trying’.  It’s kind of funny considering the counterbalance that society throws toward it as well… second place is the first loser.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want him to be one of those people that thinks that he has to win all the time.  I just want him to be someone that doesn’t hold back EVER.  I want him to understand that keeping reserves… just in case you fail, may be that bit that keeps you from succeeding.  I want to make sure he understands that there are 2 ways to be on top, to lower the mountain, or to climb it.  I want him to know not to sit on his successes too long, or else all of his tails of success will be long-forgotten memories.  Again, my main concern is to ingrain in him a concept of a legacy… to have him succeed on my shoulders, so that his kids can make it on his.


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