How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall…

I’m making a continual effort to write more regularly, even if I don’t have much of substance to say.  Never know when I’ll actually have something to say, and will have long since lost the words because I’m out of practice.  Such was the case back in November during National Novel Writer’s Month.  I’ve been world building for several months now, and honestly, I can’t wait to get the ideas for it down on (virtual) paper. But when time came to write, I didn’t quite know how to start. I mean, I’ve got pages and pages of setup, pseudo-physics, political-plotlines, governmental establishment, all that good stuff… I just don’t seem to have a perspective character. Someone to make you actually “care” about what’s going on here. So, I’m doing a bit more of two things here.

  1. Read more books with character driven story, and see how published authors have done it.
  2. Write more, so that the ability to allow the words to flow from my fingertips and actually say something SIMILAR to what is floating around in my head.

Of late, I’ve taken to trying to imagine who my perspective characters are, what their motivations might be, and how they would react in the situations.  It’s then that I’ve realized that I don’t know these ‘people’… because everything I’ve imagined tends to be “ME” trying to act in the scenarios, not them responding to scenarios in which they’ve been placed.  I think I need to meet more people in general, just to see what makes a living, breathing person tick.


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