On and On It Seems to Go

Looking Back

Looking Back

Looking at the end of another year… It’s funny what 366 days will bring.  I started the year with a month-old son that refused to sleep through the night, a dread of my relationship and how much (little) sex I’d have throughout the course of the year, as well as a general sense of feeling unappreciated at work.  I’d set my resolutions to pay down debt and read more books, to quit smoking (again), and generally spend more time with the kids.

Some of it, I did.  I quit smoking… though it didn’t quite stick after about 6 months.  I read more books this year, though I lost count and I’m not sure if I finished the 10 that I wanted.  I got a surprise family vacation to New York, and got to see family members that I’d lost ages ago.  Trish and the kids got to spend time with my people, we got to spend time at the beach… even if it was at night, and we got to go to the City… which was a first for me, even though they didn’t know. (not counting that time in August of 2001).  I got a promotion at work, much to my surprise… and then had it taken away a week later as they just phased out the position.  Then I got another one which seems to be sticking much better.  I ignored the Olympics, went to my first movie in ages, said goodbye to my ailing iPod and said hello to a new LCD television, found my brother’s kids and made it something of a point to keep up with them.  I formuated my idea for my long-term writing project, and almost went my first full year without getting a ticket (grr).  I picked up a new hobby in miniature painting, and I’m getting pretty good at it now.

At the same time, I experienced a relationship cataclysm that I never saw coming.  I got accused by the mother of my child(ren) of being a habitual child molester… which the police seemed to find laughable after the fact.  I’ve been forcibly removed from my kids lives.  My credit, which I was almost done fixing is basically back in the toilet.  I’m seeing more of the courthouse than I ever wanted to and am learning that the system really is skewed against men.  I’m getting audited by the IRS (though I did sorta earn that).  And I’m back in the troglodyte living again, back in mom’s basement… and seemingly stuck there because she can barely maintain her own finances.  The economy is in the toilet.  We’ve got a neophyte president-elect coming into office during a time of global upheaval.  I’ve gone through another of my infamous 90-day relationships which I’ve had to watch crash and burn in front of me.  I’ve had all my material wealth of value stolen and pretty much rationed back to me as she sees fit.

This is where I start 2009.  Seeing as 2008 was such a surprise-fest, I’m really interested, and quite hopeful as to seeing what the new year will bring.  Here’s to making the future happen one day at a time.


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