A guy has 4 types of girls

Hate to admit it, but this is true.

A Guy has 4 different types of girls:
1. Wifey
2. Baby Girl
3. Side Piece
4. Jump Off

1) Wifey is the sexiest, most successful and most respected of all the
women. She is loved, needed and wanted by her man…she is VIRTUALLY IRREPLACEABLE. She is the girl that the guy loves and will always love, he never wants to see her with another man…BUT he will cheat on her with Baby Girl until he is mature enough to realize that if he gets caught or fucks up in any way and loses Wifey, he would be screwed, and NEVER be happy again. Wifey gets along with mom, is independent, never nags, loves to dress sexy for her man, can cook and loves to keep a clean house. Wifey gets called 5 or 6 times a day. Drawback of Wifey, she loves public displays of affection…which might interfere with the acquisition of a Side Piece.

2) Baby Girl is ALWAYS just as ho t as wifey and usually has a very
active social life…she IS replaceable, thinks she’s the next Wifey, but
will only be Wifey if an extreme disaster takes place. Baby Girl gets some of the benefits of Wifey, like quality time every now and then and even presents on birthdays and holidays, but that’s as far as it goes. The main reason to have Baby Girl is in case Wife really really fucks up, she can be replaced in a matter of weeks because Baby Girl has been groomed to slip right into her spot. Be careful of Baby Girl, she tends to be just as attached as Wifey and therefore can be dangerous to the Side Piece. Biggest benefit of Baby Girl…she is extremely private and hates causing a scene, baby girl can come into the same restaurant as you and wifey and wifey will have no idea you two even know each other. Baby Girl is a master of disguise as well.

3) Side Piece, usually a female that the guy uses only for sex and
other pleasures, she is usually the one that he goes to for that 3-some or some late night head after the club. When Wifey is acting up and Baby Girl is at work, the Side Piece is usually the one to hold him over for a few hrs. He can meet with the Side Piece for reasons other than sex, but normally that only happens one week during the month. Side Pieces are hard to spot when they are out because most of her friends are either Wifey’s or Jump Offs. Drawback of having more than one side piece, they usually know each other somehow…we kinda think there is a side piece network.com or
something. Try to keep your side piece count below 4 if possible.

4) Jump Off…every mans dream and worst nightmare. She is trying to
move up in life, wants to be a Side Piece or Wifey but doesn’t know how to go about it. They are just the girls he hollas at when he is with his boys…she is usually stored in the cell phone by a nickname because he barely remembers her real name and where he met her…he only recalls how fat her ass was. The Jump Off gets called in emergencies only, when wifey is moody, baby girl is on vacation and side piece is with her baby’s father. The Jump Off is extremely dangerous in public for anumber of reasons, she is usually 5 other guys jump off as well, so she might cause drama with you and one of those dudes if you slip up, she also has no problem confronting you in the mall when you are with Wifey (something that baby girl would NEVER do) and the most dangerous thing about Jump Off…she
ALWAYS seems to find out where you live and or work.

Its come to a point where relationships are a monopoly and marriage is a mere fantasy…It’s hard to keep any kind of self worth when Men (and some women) think and function this way. In a way, its a matter of self respect and not settling, but in another sense, this has literally become a lifestyle and part of the American culture. All in all, its disgusting…yet almost inevitable! Ladies, I know hope seems lost, but maybe somewhere in the near future the tables will turn…but until then…Treat others the way they Treat you…never trust 100%, get out before you’re in too deep, and Respect yourselves and your emotions! DON’T PLAY YOURSELVES!

You guys aren’t the only ones who do this, but you are the majority! I always wonder, what would happen if there were only ONE woman on this earth…since its seems as though you guys can’t have just one…it’d be a disgrace for you to even try to commit to just one. It all comes down to selfishness, and one wanting to have their cake…and eat it too. Even the men who grew up in decent homes, with two loving, faithful parents seem to stray over to the dark side…
You’ve got women comparing themselves (usually to other women who can’t even amount to them) and doubting themselves and their worth. Plain and simple…Adam got Eve…not Jill, Lisa, Tanya and Sarah..and men are meaning less and less in this “be with one person for each need” world!!!


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