Opposites Attract

2 Corintians 6:14 Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessnes, or what fellowship has light with darkness.

Well, I was asked a rather poigniant question subsequent to a retarded breakup with Brandy yesterday. What is it that attracts schizophrenic women to me. As the scripture says, what fellowship has light with darkness. Despite the saying ‘Opposites Attract’, fact is people tend to be drawn to people that they find some commonality with. So what is it with me that draws issue-laden women to me?

A little bit of introspection makes me think that I seem to be portraying myself off as hurt and needy. I haven’t been ‘single’ since ’02, and I guess I’m somewhat toxic right now. Going into relationships based on what I feel I need more than what I might be able to bring. I can see how that would be destructive, considering that under those circumstances, I’m in it for ME. This is a sign to me, if nothing else, that I need to be by myself at the moment. Maybe once I clean my own internal junk, I can be of benefit to someone else.


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