Back to the Grill Again

So, it’s been several years since I’ve written a blog.  I even gave up my own domain and webspace since I hadn’t been using it for much. Thing is, I think I need to get back into it.  I think on the whole, I felt more… freed by blogging. Clean slate and all that. My thoughts were generally better ordered, and I connected better with people.  Plus, I believe it showed progression better. For myself, that is.  After all, if I went back to a blog entry after 2 years and saw that I was at a personal low point, I’d see that I’m no longer there, and that regardless of how abyssal life seemed at a moment, it was only a moment.  Couple that with the ability to SET goals, and later, after they were accomplished, see them come to fruition, it creates a timeline.

All that is a long-winded way of saying that I’m back, and I think I’m home again.  Maybe I’ll buy my own domain again and use that space again, but for now FutureFlection has a home. It’s time again for me to start writing tomorrow’s history today.



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