It’s Supernatural

ForgivenessI done been done wrong.  I’ve been doing some serious consideration lately on a statement I once heard.

“People often overlook the supernatural in search for the miraculous”

This stuck with me, because I’d never really given much consideration to the statements many people make when they say that something is asked of them of which they believe they’re incapable. So, they’ve managed to come up with an explaination as to why some mother is able to lift a car if her child was trapped by it. That’s not common. Or some feats of memory or observation I’ve seen people employ that really seems above and beyond the norm.

Barring that however, the example that most popped into my mind at this concept was the issue of ‘forgiveness’. I’ll be honest with you. I’ve been through some SHIT in my lifetime. Between the relationship I was in, and the aftermath of the relationship with Xi’an’s mom; the number of times I’ve ‘lost it all’; misjudged friendships; and been used and abused, most people would have expected me to be a seriously cynical and bitter person. That me being saddened or angry is shocking to most people is a testament to my character as a roll with the punches person, and I think that my ability to forgive is key in all that.

Not to pat myself on the back, I honestly thought about it and realized that the ability to forgive that I display really is above the means most people believe that they are capable of. At first I thought they just chose to hold grudges, and were generally vengefully-minded. I then encountered a situation where I was unwilling to forgive a person, and now see the difference. I’m CAPABLE of it, because I know how to forgive, but it does require me to employ a little ‘je no se quois’ to do so, and I can totally understand how some people wouldn’t be able to do the same.


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