Week in Review 6/18/10

This has been something of a trying week.  Honestly, working for Ikon at USAA has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.  Reminds me of the old days at BFDS, with the sense that they invest in their employees and try to grow them into higher level employees, as opposed to the disposable commodity sensibility so many other jobs seemed to employ.  So if I complain about work, it usually takes something REALLY magnanimous to make me do so.  This week has been HELL.  Mainly because of what’s going on in the new bank upstairs.  It was set up without sufficient supply, and I guess this week is where it all hit a head.  Machines performing poorly, things breaking left and right, and me with no means of being able to correct it.  At least, as of today, most of the problem has been identified, if not remedied outright.

That was not what made the week in it’s entirety so rough though, that’s just how work went.  The weekend leading INTO the week was hard, with the fact that I was supposed to take Xi’an to the circus on Saturday.  His mother, on the other hand, decided at the last minute that she had more important plans.  This concept irritates me, because that means that regardless of a court order indicating otherwise, my time with my son is still apparently at her whim.  I guess the only way to rectify that situation is to just go back into court, and make sure they know that she still tries to control the situation, and acts as though our son were her property.

Then of course, the issue with Biscuit being pissed off at me at continual intervals throughout the week.  Honestly, I know the issue there is one of communication, but I really do think that though we listen to one another, we’re not hearing each other sometimes. 

Anyway, I definitely need this weekend, if nothing else, my head will clear


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